Be Jojoba Oil




Formulated with premium quality, cold-pressed virgin olive oil, Be Jojoba Oil is 100% free of impurities and other artificial additives. It has a pleasant, mildly nutty aroma, a clear, golden appearance, and a smooth, luxuriant and non-greasy feel when applied to skin.

Be Jojoba Oil contains a multitude of essential nutrients that are beneficial for the skin, including minerals, amino acids, antioxidants and Vitamins A, C and E. Be Jojoba Oil forms a natural protective film on the skin upon application, which protects it from damaging elements such as UV rays and free radicals while also locking in moisture to prevent skin from drying out too easily. It effectively penetrates deep into the epidermal layer while restoring the skin’s natural PH balance and its oil secretion, effectively making your skin smooth, supple and firm.



  1. Ann Goey


  2. Winter Winter Chiah

    Be jojoba^^

  3. Mrs Chua

    After pregnancy and giving birth, my belly was full of ugly stretch marks. I tried using various stretch marks cream, but results were not satisfactory. Be Jojoba Oil is different. After using it for 2 weeks, the skin on my belly became softer, smoother and firmer. The stretch marks also began to lighten. Few months later, only faint shadows were left. Thanks to Be Jojoba Oil, today I am able to bask under the sun wearing the bikini, showing off skin that is silky-smooth and glowing!

  4. Pui Fong

    我本人脸部比较干还有雀斑和黑色素疤痕,我用了Be Jojoba Oil过后,脸部改善很多了,黑色素疤痕己淡化了,因为抹在脸上不用很油的感觉,还很满意。

  5. Joanne Hooi Eng Kang

    Be Jojoba… 我都会准备一支放在厨房。不小心被油喷到或给锅子烫到,马上擦在伤口上,几分钟后就不痛了,还不会留疤。洗碗后,擦几滴在手上,也能把手保护得滑滑嫩嫩!

  6. Maria Schneider

    I suffered from dull, dry skin and pigmentation which made me rather self-conscious.
    One day, walking in the mall, I chanced upon Be Jojoba Oil roadshow. Having tried the
    product out of curiosity, I really liked its velvety, non-oily texture and decided to buy a bottle.
    About 1 week after using it every day, my skin appeared clearer and smoother. Few weeks
    later, my friends began to comment on how radiant and fairer I look! I am delighted! Be
    Jojoba Oil is simply awesome!

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